How Can I Help?

  • Send us a donation.  You can use Local as a way of giving directly to us
  • Give us you old CDs and DVDs  as we can use these for fundraising events.  Contact us to arrange collection.
  • Recycle your inkjet cartridges and mobile phones to help us raise much needed funds through
  • Donate prizes for raffles
  • Offer help in kind e.g. printing leaflets and posters
  • Have one of our collecting tins at your place of work or shop
  • If you do internet shopping use and we will receive a donation at no extra cost to you.  easyfundraising is a shopping directory that features some of your favourite online stores, such as Next, Amazon and John Lewis.  It is completely free to register and use and additional discounts may be available.  All you need to do is visit:
  • Recycle your old mobile phone.  EnviroCharities will pay you for your mobile and give us a donation at the same time.  Follow this link to find out more.
  • Sell items on eBay via Mission Fish and donate between10% and 100% of the sale proceeds to the group
  • Join the group in the role of a fundraiser
  • Organise a fundraising even at your school or place of work
  • Come to one of our events

Why Do We Need To Fundraise?

The scheme is constanly expanding and the aim is to get a kit for each responder, so there is always the need for more funds.  If each member has a kit then:

  • They can be more flexible on the hours they can cover
  • They can respond to medical emergencies that they may come across in their daily activities
  • They can be contacted by the Ambulance Service  even when off duty, to respond to a call

All of these mean that we can provide a much greater service to the local community.

How Much Does a Kit Cost?

A full kit, including defibrillator, jackets, and car signs costs approximately £1,800.00, and much of the kit is made up of consumables that need replacing:

Fully equipped response bag with AED £1,685

Automated External Defibrillator £1,350

Oxygen Mask £1.50

Bandage £0.50

Latex free gloves £6.00

Defibrillator pads £25.00

Manual suction unit £35.00

Magnetic car signage £30.00

For more information please contact us

Registered Charity Number: 1146844